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Translation is never just about language. A word carries so much more than its literal meaning, and if you get it wrong and fail to understand local and cultural nuances, it can be to the detriment of an entire article or campaign. Thanks to our network of copywriters and translators from all over the world, we can help to translate and localise everything from your website to your brand-new advertising campaign.

We understand local

The importance of being rooted in and thoroughly understanding a local territory is part of the backbone of our concept. We’ve always worked with local writers, always basing interviews on the native language of the interviewee and always having native speakers proofread all translations. There’s an arrogance that comes with having non-natives taking a concept and converting it, almost mathematically, to suit a new linguistic context and audience without understanding the culture that surrounds it. It destroys the heart of a campaign – we just wouldn’t do it.

Experienced, local translators

From the north of Norway to the southern tip of Mallorca, from the east of Germany and all the way to Seattle, we work with creative copywriters and translators who know the audiences they write for. Many of them have travelled widely, and some have enviable lists of degrees and other qualifications. All share a passion for the written word and for creating copy and campaigns with a spark.

Localisation is culture

From the cultural value of a certain colour to a nation’s seemingly inexplicable reaction to the wrong analogy, our copywriters don’t just know how to translate a sentence from one language to another; they truly understand how those words will make the local audience feel, which memories they’ll trigger and what potential controversies they might spark. The beauty of a professionally translated and localised concept or campaign is that it doesn’t always look the same – but it feels the same to those who experience it. That’s what branding is all about, and without professional translation and localisation, that is, as they say, lost in translation.


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Translation – your only ticket to expansion

There’s a saying in marketing circles that suggests that your products are only as good as the marketing that informs about them. Add the filter of translation, and you’ll see how translation and localisation could make or break a brand’s attempt to break into new territories. Getting it wrong could be embarrassing at best. At worst, you could end up stepping on people’s toes or even deeply offending them. If you care about your brand, you need to make sure that your potential customers know what you’re talking about – even if you don’t.

Localise to visibilise – remember SEO

When you enter a new export market, your new audience will be looking for you using terms and search phrases appropriate to that market, and indeed the local language. When you start thinking about this aspect of content marketing, you’ll quickly realise that not only will they not understand your website if it’s not been localised – they’ll likely never find it in the first place. If you want them to find you, you need Google to rank you, and for Google to rank you, you need Google to find you – including in the language web users search for you. Never has the argument for good translation been stronger: fail to do it, and no one will even know you’re there. With every market comes another SEO challenge, and localisation is the first step.

Go local to go global

We have an extensive network of trusted collaborators with local knowledge and professional language skills. In many ways, they’re the key to our success, and they can be the key to yours, too. From literal linguistics to local culture, behaviours and idiosyncrasies, these copywriters and translators care about communication that makes brands come to life – wherever they go. From social media posts to websites and entire ad campaigns, we’ll help you take them around the world – and your brand with them.


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