Everyone’s got a smartphone, tablet or e-reader, and the e-book industry is booming. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience of producing great storytelling packaged as high-quality design products, and our skilled copywriters take pride in helping brands like yours tell their stories in compelling, convincing ways. This is the time to invest in a beautifully designed, well-written e-book of your own to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Tell your story with long-form journalism

There’s a place for a well-designed website and snappy, attention-grabbing social media posts – but some things are better said in long-form copy. An e-book allows you to tell your story without holding back on facts or format. You can use all your favourite images and really let them shine, while still having the space for opinion, interviews, details and background information. Whether you choose a subtle or a very literal approach to storytelling, an e-book allows for both volume and sophistication.

Allow your brand to shine

Whether it takes the shape of a product catalogue of sorts or of a magazine experience, your e-book can strengthen your visual identity by incorporating your brand typefaces, colours and visual expression. While the words will tell the story, the visual experience of the e-book adds another layer that’s more difficult to achieve on social media, making it an emotive touchpoint, almost like a world of its own. Think of your e-book as a manifesto – a tangible, beautiful product that embodies all your values and shows your brand for what it really is.

You give and you get

Put enjoyable content and useful information into your e-book, and it becomes a gift to the world – or at least to your target audience, for whom this particular content is gold. You’ll provide it free of charge, of course – but in exchange, you can get targeted leads. Your potential customers will gladly give you their email address in exchange for a beautiful, interesting read. They’ll click through to your website too, of course, giving you the kind of traffic that boosts your SEO credentials.

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Build trust through expertise

You know what you’re talking about, because you’re talking about the things you live and breathe every day of the week. Go really niche and in-depth, the way an e-book allows you to do, and you can really impress those to whom your products or services are the most relevant. An e-book allows you to showcase your expertise in a convincing, powerful way, which is exactly how to build trust in your brand. Take the readers on a journey not just of your brand, but of your passion, knowledge and enthusiasm, and you’ll soon be the go-to brand the moment they think about your field of expertise.

Stand out from the crowd

Everyone’s got a website and a Facebook page, but not everyone invests in producing an e-book. That’s because they don’t need to – but by going that extra mile, you show that you mean business and that you’re one step ahead. The good thing is that it makes financial sense, too: you get the control that comes with producing a book and the sophistication of the experience of reading one, but without the printing costs. Add the fact that you can repurpose the content produced for the e-book on your site and in your social channels, and you’ll see how it’ll quickly grow into a multi-pronged approach that makes a whole lot of sense.

Get to the core of your brand

If you’ve just been through brand workshops and consultations and you know exactly what your brand is all about, producing an e-book will be easy. If you haven’t, the process will take you on that journey and help you get to the core of what you’re really all about. In either case, the result will be a product that presents your brand clearly and beautifully, offering your audience an enjoyable, informative read. Get in touch now to discuss your options!


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