Magazine: Discover Germany

Discover Germany is a unique English-language showcase promoting lifestyle trends, travel destinations, design brands and business from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Appealing to all those who have a relationship with or connection to the region, it also aims to spread the word about all that is great and fascinating about these northern and central European countries.

Discover Germany has covered a wide range of topics, from groundbreaking innovation to awe-inspiring architecture and quirky traditions. Designers, museum curators, entrepreneurs, business leaders and a-list celebrities have been interviewed and featured, alongside local experts and travel guides in the most exciting destinations these countries have to offer. Our skilled, professional writers are all natives of the region and know the local cultures inside out.

Through established partnerships with a number of distributors, Discover Germany reaches readers at airports and on ferries, in hotels and on the go, from Germany, Switzerland and Australia to the UK and much further afield.