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Content marketing is a way to spread the word about your brand or business through strategic work with words and other web content. From traditional websites and social media to micro blogging and video campaigns, content marketing can take many different expressions – but what they all have in common is that, if executed well, they will help you build your brand and reach your audience.

Why do it?

We’ve all heard that content is king, but what does this really mean? Put simply, the internet is all about content, and words in particular are absolutely crucial in telling search engines as well as readers and browsers where to go. Without content, not only will you fail to build a brand that potential customers trust – but they might never find you in the first place. In the digital age, the question isn’t whether or not you need a content marketing plan. The question is how you’re going to make it work for you.

Content as branding

One thing is certain: any content marketing effort will end up producing a lot of – you guessed it – content. And this, of course, is more than a means to an end: sure enough, you’ll be looking at the click-through rates and ROIs at the end of the day, but what’s boosting the figures is engagement. Content marketing works because you’re producing relevant quality content, including blogs showcasing your expertise, web pages about the work you do, and information that users really need. And what happens when you offer your audience what they need? They start to trust you – and they help to spread the word.

Content as SEO

No one with a website will have managed to escape the tireless talk about SEO, or search engine optimisation. And while it can sound complicated and confusing, it is a vitally important part of any marketing campaign. SEO is the work that ensures that search engines find you, rate you, and show your content to the right people. What it involves, in addition to some more tech-heavy work, is figuring out exactly who you want to find you and what they might be searching for, and then communicating with the search engines using that terminology and those keywords. With informative quality content produced by copywriters who understand SEO, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.


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Content for social media

With all the talk about websites and SEO, it is easy to forget about a very handy and hugely beneficial knock-on effect of all of the above: you suddenly have a steady stream of brilliant articles and pieces of content to push out through your social channels. If the content you produce is genuine, well-researched and professionally put together, people will want to see it, even share it, and your social media channels will grow. As your social media channels grow and they point users back to your website, your SEO ranking gets a boost – as does your brand.

Content for click-throughs and conversion

Back to business – a well-liked brand isn’t worth a whole lot if no one buys your products or uses your services. And this is the beauty of content marketing: it’s more subtle than old-school cold-call sales, and in many ways far more rewarding – but it does the same job, just differently and with a long-term focus. A successful content marketing campaign will get you increased engagement, boosted click-through rates, an improved conversion rate and, indeed, a solid return on investment. A sustained effort that shows that you’re genuine about the work you do and the values behind your brand will help to ensure that new customers become regulars, and eventually even unofficial brand ambassadors. That’s a business that’s successful not just tomorrow, but in many years to come.

A worthwhile investment

At this point, there should be no doubt that investing in content marketing is not an unnecessary evil, but a very wise business decision. Considering that the right type of content in the right place can boost everything from your brand and consumers’ trust in you to your SEO rankings and your conversion rate, it even starts to emerge as an incredibly cost-effective effort. If you choose to work with Scan Client Publishing on your next content campaign, you get all the expertise and commitment of a highly qualified, experienced team of copywriters and designers, but at a fair, no-frills price – the very definition of a worthwhile investment, if you ask us.


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